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Klimaat & Seizoen

March-April Start of the season in March and April (skreicod season) with cold weather, sometimes heavy wind and very long dark nights. But during this period the cod fishing is the best in the world. Almost all our customers catch 20kg+ and more than 75% get a fish over 25kg. There are a thick layer of big fish on the sonar almost everywhere where it is deep enough. Unfortunately, other species are a little hard to fish for during this period since there is just too much cod! May The most of the skreicod has spawned and left. There is still big amounts of cod here and the stationary coastal cod are spawning which makes for some great cod fishing. The halibut fishing does really kick off in may though. The fishing for wolfish is also at its best. It is also a great month for common plaice.


June-July-August Is what we consider the main summer period. The weather is as stable as it gets and the fishing is good for all species. Cod, halibut, Atlantic redfish, wolfish, coalfish, ling, common plaice, haddock and tusk are very common to be able to catch September-October Are darker and a little more wind. The temperature is slowly dropping and the big halibut comes closer to shore. In the summer we usually fish them on 20-50m. In the autumn you can actually use spinning reels to cast for them in 5-15m deep water. I would say the chance of a very big fish is slightly better in the autumn so it is the time to go for the specimen hunter who want to get a fish of a lifetime. The cod fishing is also really good but they are moving further from shore so you are getting a little dependent on the weather. If you can get out to Storskalltaren, the Ling fishing and intense fishing for coalfish is at its best. There is also very likely to be able to have a good run at slightly smaller coalfish (7-13kg) close to the camp but the shoals move around a lot. The fishing for common place is still really good, maybe at its best. Extra info During the summer you have the best chance to be able to go on the longer trips to Storskalltaren and the Kamoy sound. Storskalltaren is the most famous reef in Norway and without a doubt the best place to catch a really big halibut and summertime cod. It is also very common to catch big ling, big coalfish and big wolfish. There is almost no commercial fishing here and there is a backwater in the gulf stream which makes it exceptionally rich in nutrition. It is 55km out and that trip takes around 1,5h- 1h 45min.. It is almost completely untouched like the coastal waters were several hundred years ago. Our partner usually get out once or twice a week, always at least two boats and one guide for safety reasons. Our partner keep track of the weather radar over a bigger area and will tell everyone when the forecast is stable enough. The Kamoy sound is also a very good alternative for those who are interested in big halibut. It is almost as good as Storskalltaren for big halibut and some periods it can even be better. But there is almost only halibut there. From march-mid may and from mid-august there are great chance of aurora borealis, northern light. During the summer we have midnight sun and you can fish 24 hours a day. Maybe some rest is needed but you don’t need to plan your fishing due to any darkness. It is a very special feeling to fish all through the night with the sun high up in the sky.
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