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Djibouti represents without any doubt one of the last frontiers for the fanatic Gt hunters. This fishing location still haven’t been exploited because of the total absence of human structure on the coastline, making this place really unique and pristine. What is making Djibouti an excellent place for fishing is the strategical position between the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, that makes the sea extremely rich in terms of nutrients, current and passage of pelagic between the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.
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Fishing grounds The Seven Brothers are six small rocky islands right in the middle of the Bab el Mandeb straight (the channel that connect the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden), and they are considered one of the best Gt place in the world, the current is always pushing and baitfish are present in huge quantity, but the real highlight of the place is the fact that Gt come around the islands in spring to spawn, and they are present in huge quantity and huge size too, fish over 60 kg have been caught already. The Seven Brothers are also the best spot in the world for shore fishing for Gt, because of the very good shape of the coast, that’s very flat and easy to wade. The other spot we will fish is the strait of Goubet, that’s absolutely one of the most crazy and spectacular spot in the world for popping. It’s a small channel between two seas, with a small island in the middle, and since the place is very tidal, the current can be really unbelievable and you will think to fish in a Himalayan river, without mention the fighting in such mass of water