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Technieken & Materialen

Popping On popper is possible to hook GTs, Red Snapper, different kind of Grouper and Emperor, big Barracuda,Spanish Mackarell Tuna and Shark. ROD: you will need a 200-250 gr rod for PE 10 or 12 able to hold 12-14 kg of drag, and a 100-120 gr rod to fish with 6 kg of drag for lighter popping. REELS: for heavy popping Stella 10000 FA, 18000 SW or Saltiga 6000, for light popping Stella 8000 FA, Stella 10000 SW and Saltiga 4500 LINE AND LEADER: for heavy popping 100-130 lb braid and 200 lb shock leader, for light popping a 65 lb line with a 120 lb leader works well. To connect braid and leader we suggest PR knot. LURES: noisy popper from 130 gr to 200 gr, floating stickbait about 18 to 30 cm and sinking stickbait from 100 to 200 gr. TERMINAL TACKLE: as hook we recommend Owner ST76 4/0 and 5/0, for the smaller lures Owner ST76 3/0 are a better option. A good choice are also single hook for popping, like Decoy Cutclass 8/0 and 10/0, Owner SJ51 7/0 and 9/0 and SJ41 9/0 11/0 and 13/0, Fisherman Spinoza 13/0 and Hot’s Otoko 9/0 11/0. As split ring we recommend Owner size 10 and 11. Jigging Jigging can be really productive, we usually don’t jig very deep, while in Goubet the jigging is done in shallow water, from 30 to 50 mt, in very heavy current, where you need very heavy jigs to reach the bottom. On jigging is possible to hook huge Gt. ROD: the best is get two rods, one in the 300 gr range, and more important is a good equipment to fight whit submarine, powerful rod for 400-500 gr with PE 8. REELS: on the medium rod is possible to use a medium reel like Shimano Stella SW 10000 or other reels of same size, or conventional reels with high retrieve ratio. On the powerful rod you will need a Stella 20000 SW or 18000 SW for speed jigging. LINE: for medium jigging a 50-60 lb line, for heavy tackle the best option is a PE 8 (80-100 lb) JIG: the ‘must have’ jig are the Williamson Benthos, river to sea Sea Rock, Hooker from Sevenseas, Hots Y2, Maria Deep Sea Flower. Size from 180 to 500 gr. TERMINAL TACKLE: There are many hook on the market, but we recommend Fisherman, Hots, Gamakatsu and Decoy.


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